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Days of Zardari, Nawaz numbered :Imran Khan

Kalabagh: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Thursday dropped hints over the PTI’s election programme, stating that education and health were a must and his government would give top priority to funding in education and health of the people. He urged the youth to get education as no country could progress without education.

“Muslims had been ruling the world when they were leaders in education but the huge Muslims’ empire segregated into pieces the day they stopped educating their children”.

He made these remarks while addressing different public meetings held here at Bangi Khel, Eissa Khel, etc. PTI leaders Inamullah Niazi, Ayla Malik and Nawab of Kalabagh Malik Amir Mohammad Khan also addressed.

Imran Khan termed Asif Zardari and Chief Nawaz Sharif a chip of the same block, said that they had been in power for the last three decades but did nothing for the welfare and uplift of the people of the country and rather they added to the miseries of the unprivileged manifold.

Imran Khan said that Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and PML-N were ruling the country turn-by-turn but now their days were numbered as both had been totally exposed to people of Pakistan.

“(Asif) Zardari is the prime culprit followed by the opposition leader and they have made the country a safe haven for the criminals and thugs. He is followed by opposition leader who is hand in glove with Zardari. But the PTI’s tsunami would cleanse the country from the corrupt and outdated politicians in the next general elections,” asserted Imran Khan.

He said that it was quite unfortunate that laws were only for the poor in Pakistan but there was no law for the influential. He vowed that the PTI would bring about a change in the country by eliminating the prevailing unjust political system. He said the gulf between haves and have-nots was getting wider as the rich were getting richer by each day passing while the poor were getting poorer.

Imran Khan said that there was no difference between Zardari and Nawaz Sharif and the nation could no more be fooled as both the parties were ruling the country for the past five years in connivance with eachother. He said that the politicians were not paying taxes while they were keeping their assets abroad.

He vowed that the PTI would play its role in changing the fate of the masse and the youths’ tsunami would sweep away the so-called political heavyweights in the upcoming election as the people were fed up of their unjust rule where the poor had absolutely no say.

Blasting Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for utilizing all the development funds of the province only in Lahore and Raiwind, Imran Khan said that Shahbaz Sharif was spending Rs 72 billion over a single road of 22 kilometers, while he could have changed the destiny of the people of entire Mianwali with just Rs 10 billion.

“Afraid of the PTI’s popularity among younger generation, Shahbaz Sharif is distributing laptops to win their votes. I call upon the youth to get laptops which have been purchased by the national kitty but even then vote for the PTI to get rid of the corrupt rulers,” he added.

Blasting the incumbent parliament, Imran Khan said that most of the parliamentarians even did not know how to write their names and that was the reason that the country was lagging far behind in every field.

He said that looters and tax evaders were sitting in the parliament and that was the reason that justice seemed nowhere in the country and rule of jungle prevailed everywhere. Imran Khan asked the masses that change could only take place when they vote for honest people in the coming elections, adding that the fight would be between ideology and money but ideology would be victorious.

PTI Chairman welcomed the joining of PTI by local leader Iqbal Khatak and Makhdoom of Balot Sharif Syed Murtajiz Shah along with thousands of his followers.

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