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PTI celebrates Quaid and Chrismiss day in city

Lahore: Leaders of Tehrik-e-Insaaf held separate functions to celebrate Quaid & Christmas Day in the City. Central Leader of PTI Abdul Aleem Khan while addressing these meetings said that teachings of Quaid-e-Azam was the only option to put the country on the road of progress and prosperity. He said that unfortunately all the rulers did nothing in the larger interest of Pakistan and remained busy to plunder the national exchequer. He said that countrywide change in inevitable and now every citizen has to play role in building a true welfare state and PTI headed by Imran Khan has given a viable manifesto to bring a positve change.

In another meeting held for Christian Community by PTI, Abdul Aleem Khan said that PTI believes in extending equal opportunities to all the minorities. He said that civilized socities fully act upon rules and regulations and every citizen is equal in the eyes of the government. He said that as Muslim, Islam also ensures full security to the minorities and PTI would bring opportunities to them after coming into power.

These meetings held by PTI were attended by Mian Hammad Azhar, Amin Zake, Nasrullah Moghal, Nazir Chohan while ex-MPA Shoaib Siddiqui, Jamshaid Cheema and Mian Haamed Meraj also addressed. Women Leaders Nosheen Hamed Meraj, Neelam Shah, Talat Naqvi, Dr. Zarqa, Shaheen Asad and Dr. Sania Chaudhary also participated in these meetings.

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