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Christmas greetings from PTI Chairman, Imran Khan

Lahore: On a day of peace around the world Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman, Imran Khan wishes a warm Christmas to all Pakistanis and Christians world over. PTI’s ideology is to make Pakistan an egalitarian, modern Islamic democratic welfare state which upholds the fundamental rights of the people in which all citizens regardless of gender caste, creed or religion, can live in peace, harmony and happiness.

In his Christmas day message Imran Khan noted that “ethnic, religious and political tensions, instability, rivalry, disagreements, and all forms of injustice are destroying the internal fabric of our society and embittering international relations. On this occasion, a festival of Peace, PTI acknowledges the role of the Christian community in various sectors wishes to ensure the removal of all discrimination against minorities.

PTI has always worked towards promoting a political culture in which Pakistan is envisaged as a country and society wherein people live in harmony and peace free from exploitation corruption and prejudices of all kind under a democratic system ensuring justice, equality and prosperity for all citizens. “Let us on this day join hands to achieve this. Merry Christmas!”

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