Friday , June 22 2018
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PTI to hold accountibility at all cost:Aleem Khan

Lahore: Leaders of Tehreek-e-Insaf Abdul Aleem Khan has pledged the committed of PTI to hold stern accountability of all those who plundered national exchequer, got bank loans and increased their empires through political backings . He added that slogan of change by PTI has become voice of masses and they want to get rid of 65 years old discarded political system.

While talking to said that all other political parties have join hands against PTI because they are afraid of increasing popularity of Imran Khan but people have decided to bring positive change through political process.

Moreover, Abdul Aleem Khan presented a joint meeting of 5 towns attended by Sardar Kamel Umer, Hammad Azhar, Mian Hamed Meraj, Abdul Rasheed Bhatti, Mansha Sindhu and Dr. Aamar Jalal and reviewed the intra party election. They discussed in details strategy and torn a number of decision.

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