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Reign of corrupt, inept over: Imran Khan

Peshawar: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan Thursday said that the reign of corrupt and inept politicians was over and the PTI government would recover the plundered national wealth. There would be no place for such greedy politicians in new Pakistan and all crook politicians would be held accountable by the PTI government.

“There would no chance for Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif to rule this country in future as times have changed and the people have also changed. They would have to face strict accountability. We would also recover the looted money which was transferred out of Pakistan illegally and has been kept in off-shore accounts,” said Imran Khan while addressing a huge crowd at the Youth Convention held here at Tehmash Football Stadium under the banner of Insaf Students Federation (ISF).

“I would ask my old friend Asfandyar Wali how his wealth was transferred to Dubai and Malaysia illegally. I would also inquire from Maulana Fazlur Rehman how he took his money abroad. I ask Altaf Hussain to return to his homeland and he would be exonerated from all his sins. He has been ruling Pakistan from abroad,” remarked Imran Khan.

He said that a special cell was collecting data of all civil servants who were following illegal orders of the ruling government despite clear orders by the Supreme Court that no civil servant should abide by illegal orders of the government.

He said that one of the so-called leader of a major political party had been groomed by the ISI while the other claims to become chief of his party due to a letter from his late wife. He said he had asked both fake leaders to come for a live television debate with him but both were running away.

He said both the politicians were now grooming their children to pass on their legacies of corruption to the upcoming generations. He reiterated his resolve that the PTI tsunami would flush out the corrupt and selfish politicians from the country and would put an end to the politics of family hold on political parties.

He urged the students to go visit door-to-door and convey the much-needed PTI message of change to the people at large. He called upon the people not to vote those who have off-shore accounts in foreign banks because they were responsible for the untold problems being faced by the masses.

Imran Khan maintained that both Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had betrayed the peoples’ mandate time and again and said that the PTI tsunami would defeat all the corrupt politicians in the upcoming general elections with the support of the youth which was the real strength of his party.

He said that a coward and timid person can never lead the nation and only a brave and courageous individual can lead the country from the front.

“You are the future of this country and you have to lead from the front so be ready for the future responsibilities as the ISF would provide the future leadership to the country,” he maintained.

He said that the youth would have to fight for a new Pakistan and change the defeated mindset.

Talking about the turncoats, who had left the PTI and joined PPP or Nawaz League, Imran Khan thanked Nawaz and Zardari for buying the loyalties of such politicians and said that both the parties were doing a great job by carrying the turnouts along with them and this would help cleans the PTI from corrupt and crooked people.

He made it clear that those ‘who are parting ways with PTI were never a part of the party, so we need not to worry about them rather it would help make the party cleanse. Imran Khan said that PTI was not only the name of Ideology, vision and revolution, but also of honour and self-esteem, hence, those who could be purchased never become part of the tsunami.

The PTI Chief said that PTI would make a new Pakistan and the tsunami would sweep away the corrupt outdated system forever.

He warned that change would take place for sure and those who are involved in breach of law and highhandedness would be brought to book and they would not escape the punishment.

Imran Khan said that the people would never vote for those politicians who rule for decades but did nothing for the masses except for skyrocketing prices, inflation, rampant corruption, lawlessness, prolonged and unscheduled load-shedding and unemployment for youth.

Lashing out at Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan said that they were not the true leaders of the country, as one was production of the then provincial Martial Law Administrator of Punjab Province, Lieutenant-General Ghulam Jilani Khan, while the other claimed that he became leader to fulfill his wife’s desire.

He said that PML-N has struck an underhand deal with the PPP, but now they were exposed fully before the masses, who would never give them chance to rule the country ever again, and would close the chapter of dynastic political parties for ever.

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