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Senator Ishaq Dar deposited Rs. 119102 as tax during last financial year

Lahore: A spokesman of Leader of the Opposition in Senate has said that it has become clear from the details of tax returns deposited by Senator Ishaq Dar released by the spokesman of FBR that the figures released by an NGO and allegations leveled by it in this regard the previous days are wrong and baseless.

The spokesman said that according to the clarification by FBR, whereas during the financial year 2012, Rs. 202073 were deposited. The spokesman said Senator Ishaq Dar has given a proposal that a directory should be published regularly each year for making more transparent the system of taxes deposited by parliamentarians, their assets and income.

The government should ensure publication of directory through legislation. Senator Ishaq Dar also proposed that a column in the form of assets deposited by the parliamentarians to Election Commission should be created in which it should be mentioned that how much tax deposited by the parliamentarians this year.

The spokesman told that Senator Ishaq Dar deposited Rs. 10.25 lakh in Senate Emergency Fund set up for flood affectees. Senator Ishaq Dar also donated Rs. 40 lakh to Hajveri Foundation, Rs. 25 lakh to Hajveri Trust Scheme Saya and Rs. 2.5 lakh to Indus Foundation Trust. The spokesman said that Senator Ishaq Dar has presented his tax information provided by FBR in the senate.

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