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Pakistani American Drs call on The Governor Punjab

Lahore: A delegation of Pakistani association of Physicians consisted upon 35 Pakistani Drs settled in South America has called on the Governor Punjab Sardar Latif Khan Khosa today in Governor House.

During the meeting the Governor said,Drs belongs to a respectful profession so they should serve the people without any greed.No doubt,Drs are the assets of any country,he maintained.The Governor said that Drs must up to date themselves with the modern research and they should introduced latest medical technology in Pakistan,he added.

The governor said drs while serving the ailing community in abroad, are the ambassadors of Pakistan in foreign countries. He admitted that the country needs to introduce latest medical research and revolutionary steps should be taken in this regard.He claimed that present government is taking serious steps in the medical field so ailing community can have the better medical facilities in Pakistan. The Governor said govt is providing maximum facilities to the doctors so they can serve the ailing humanity in a better way.He said good education and quality health care are the rights of the people and the same time duty of the the government.

At this occasion the head of the delegation Dr Saima Zafar said they want to provide poor people free of cost the better medical services in Pakistan.

Earlier the governor met the attorney general Irfan Qadir at governor house and discussed with him different legal issues .

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