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A large number of Drs reject the PMA Lahore election results

Lahore:A large number of Drs have rejected the PMA Lahore elections.Today on 19th December, in a meeting held by Movement for Restoration of PMA all the doctors from teaching hospital, general cadre, and private practitioner participated with great enthusiasm. The doctor strongly condemned, yesterday held hasty illegal and non-representative PMA elections and refused its results altogether and declared this action as non democratic.

The doctor community expressed strong anger and resentment on these elections that since 17 years these self proclaimed representatives are severely damaging the reputation of doctor community and deliberately keeping them away from a democratic process by unlawful and non approved representation.

In the meeting doctors committed to restore the original PMA and appealed all doctor community to participate in the real PMA elections to be held on 28th December, 2012 for choosing their own democratic representative and upheld the dignity and respect of medical community.

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