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Intra party election will strengthen Imran Khan:Aleem Khan

Lahore: Leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Abdul Aleem khan has said that intra party election of PTI would strengthen the hands of Imran Khan and an able team would be ready to actively participate in the general election .He said that workers of PTI are being trained at union council level to ensure participation of maximum voters , as well .

He was addressing . Asghar Awan Advocate briefed the meeting about the procedure of party election and the way of participation .Mian Haamed Meraj, Hammad Azhar, Abdul Rasheed Bhatti, Mansha Sindhu, Sardar Kamil Umer, Nasrullah Mughal, Abdul Kareem Kalwar, Farakh Javed Moon, Shaikh Aamer, Aneela beig, Farhat Apa and PTI workers in a large number attended.

Abdul Aleem Khan said that Imran Khan has organized PTI on scientific lines and for the first time voters were being participated in the political process .He said that Intra Party election of PTI has also flourished new political cultural in the society and now other political parties would also consider to follow this tradition. He highlighted the strategy in different towns and briefed PTI workers on it.

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