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Dying Tsunami has lost people’s support:Dr. Farrukh Javed

Lahore: Member Provincial Assembly and Parliamentary Secretary for Information, Dr. Farrukh Javed has said that the dying Tsunami of Imran Khan has lost people’s support and now he is trying to get the attention of media by leveling baseless and false allegations against others but he will not succeed.

While commenting on the statement of Imran Khan, Dr.Farrukh Javed said that people have known the reality of Tsunami Khan and now they cannot be hoodwinked through false slogans. He said that the party which is claiming to provide justice is expressing anger of its flopped meeting in Arifwala by threatening the administration. He said that the people have already rejected the claimants of Tsunami in bye-elections and will clean bowl them in the coming general elections.

Dr. Farrukh Javed said that people have been fed up with Imran Khan’s similar talks and it seems that Imran Khan is suffering from Nawaz Sharif phobia. He said that the institutions like PIA, steel mills and railways have been ruined due to worst corruption of the federal government, but Imran Khan, instead of paying attention towards it, is leveling baseless allegations against Punjab government. Imran Khan should be aware of the fact that he is not rendering any service to the people by opposing the opposition, he added.

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