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Overloading will not be allowed at any cost:DIG Rai Altaf

Lahore: Overloading is destroying our roads and government has to spend millions of rupees for annual repair and reconstruction of roads said DIG N-5 Central Rai Altaf Hussain while holding a meeting with the representatives of different transports unions.

Representatives of All Pakistan Transport Owners Federation and All Pakistan Goods Drivers Association held a altered and modified vehicles with DIG N-5 Central Rai Altaf Hussain in which SSP Sector-I Miraz Faran Baig and other officials of motorway police participated. DIG said that overloading of goods should be discouraged and asked transporters to lend maximum help to ensure per axle allowed limit.

It was suggested by the transporters that overloaded vehicles should be returned from the entry point and proper ware houses should be built for off-loading of extra weight. Similarly, the issue of altered and modifies vehicles was also discussed. The transporters were told that properly passed vehicles by the authorized Transport Authorities will not be fined by motorway police. The DIG said that motorway police is in close liaison with local police to provide safe journey to the vehicles plying on national highways.

The representatives of Transport Unions lauded the role of Motorway police for its honest and professional working and ensure DIG Rai Altaf Hussain that they would lend maximum cooperation to the department in curbing the negative trend of overloading and working in an atmosphere of mutual coordination.

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