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Laloo Natt passes away at the age of 105 years

Lahore:The man who was involved in killing of hundreds of people including, Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus,Laloo Natt today passed away.The news of the death of Laloo Natt spread in the area like fire of the jungle.Hundreds of people from surrounding area came to Manawan village to offer his funeral.He was buried into the local graveyard after his last prayer.He has left two sons Chaudry Nisaar Natt and Chaudry Irfan Natt who are the nobles of the town.

Natt Tribe is politically allied of the Pakistan People’s Party since this party emerged into the Pakistani politics and it has played very important role in the local politics.Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto had visited his home several times.Lalo Natt close relative Chaudry Akram Natt is a chairman of Zakat o Ushar committee lahore,his elder son Amjad Mustafa Natt remained Nazim of Faisal Town’s local Union Council two times,younger brother Dr.Zahid Natt contested election of National Assembly twice on PPP’s ticket and his nephew Chaudry Shahid Natt is playing active role in politics in People’s Youth OrganizationChaudry Laal Din alias Laloo Natt was born in 1907 in a famous landlord family.His father was a religious personality.He was the youngest among three brothers Noor Did alias Noori Natt,Ilam Din alias Panna Sain and Laal Din alias Laloo Natt.His elder brother Noor Din alias Noori Natt was the most famous Character of the Punjab’s history.his village” Natt Village” was equally populated by Sikhs and Muslims.Sikhs lords of the the village wanted to oust the Muslims population from the village.Sikh extremists several times attempted to kill Muslims but every time Noori Natt and Laloo Natt failed their attempts and saved the \Muslims lives and sent the attackers to the hell.

At the time of division of the united India,majority of the Sikhs left the Manawan Village and migrated to India.Noori Natt and his brother Laloo Natt were the Muslims who took the task to bring the Muslim safely from India.Both the brothers killed dozens of Sikhs attackers who had attacked on the Muslims immigrants.They opted more than 150 Sikh women and bear all their living expanses.These women were handed over to Indian authorities by Pakistan Army and more than one thousand women were released by the Indians against them.The Sikh lords announced bounty on the heads of both brothers to take revenge,dozen’s of Sikhs crossed the border and attacked at Manawan Village but most of them were killed by the both brothers and the others run back to their homeland.

A Local court had announced the capital punishment for Laloo Natt over a local enmity case but he was released from the jail after PM Benazir Bhutto ordered to release all the accused who were facing death penalty for enmity in 1988.More than twenty people of his tribe including his son Younas Natt had been killed over the rivalry.A chapter of history has been closed after his death but his name would be remembered till the history of the Punjab existed.

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