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Chairman NAB spoke worst lie in the history of Pakistan:Rana Sana

Lahore: Provincial Minister for Law, Rana Sanaullah has termed the statement by NAB Chairman holding Punjab responsible for sixty-five percent of the unprecedented corruption taking place in the PPP government, the. He said that the NAB Chairman had given that statement either under the pressure of his that leadership which had set records of historical corruption or the statement was a part and parcel of those bids of NAB Chairman which he had been making to curry favour of his masters just to perpetuate his unlawful appointment.

In a statement, here today, Rana Sanaullah termed the statement by NAB Chairman extremely misleading and a worst example of falsehood. He said that it was evident to the world that the PPP government was solely responsible for the matchless corruption being done in Pakistan those days where a new tale of corruption got unfolded with the dawn of each day. Posing a question to the NAB Chairman, he asked as to what Punjab had to do with over a dozen of worst corruption cases? He asked if the pockets of pilgrims were picked in Punjab and billions of rupees in that head were plundered in the province. Did the Punjab government commit dacoities in the NICL and the Bank of Punjab and enquired if those who committed dacoities in those institutions were not sitting in the federal government with all the medals decorated on their chests? Drawing the attention towards the destruction of the national institutions like the steel mills, PIA and railways as a result of corruption, misappropriation worth billions of rupees in fertilizers, plundering of the Bait-ul-Mal funds meant for widows and the corruption of billions of rupees in projects like the Safe City which the Supreme Court had to take suo moto notice of, he asked if all those were not a reflection of the black deeds of the federal government and further asked as if any of those scandals related to the Punjab government? He asked the NAB Chairman to tell as if the PPP government, even today, was not involved in the embezzlements worth billions of rupees in the 3-G Spectrum project? Likewise, he expressed the opinion that the NAB Chairman might not be unaware of the fact that the embezzlements worth billions of rupees in the rental power plants were made by the federal government and not by the Punjab.

Rana Sanaullah pointed out that the Punjab government headed by Punjab Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif was quoted to be an example of transparency and good governance at the international level. Be it the World Bank or the Asian Development Bank, be those the Transparency International reports or the Department for International Development (DFID), all stood witnessed to the transparency in Punjab. He asked as to why the opponents of the PML-N kept a mum at the moment when the Punjab Chief Minister openly call out for a challenge that he would step down from his office if any corruption against him worth even a single penny was proved. He opined that if the NAB Chairman had the courage and audacity to subject the corrupt rulers sitting in the echelons of Islamabad, the majority of the rulers would have been behind the bars today.

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