Tuesday , May 22 2018
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PTI condemns tax dodging by politicians

Lahore: Leader of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf Abdul Aleem Khan has said that tax dodging by the politicians is condemnable and PTI demands that those who did not pay tax should come up with their assets. He said once again it is proved that both the major political parties have no interest and they are united in looting the national exchequer. If masses against elected the same faces it would be more dangerous for the country, Abdul Aleem Khan added.

He said that as per the fact and figures out 126 MNAs of PPP only 35 and out of 92 MNAs of PML (N) just 27 paid taxes. He said this mafia is the basic hurdle on the way of progress and all the burden is put on the poor masses.

Abdul Aleem Khan further said that picture portrayed by the NAB is sufficient to reflect that was happening at the government level. He said that it was the basic reason that Imran Khan came in the ring to fight against those who looted national money for their own motives. He said that present government could not bring any accountability bill in the past 5 years. He said the statement of Chairman NAB is a big question mark on the face of the government and it has given a bad name for Pakistan at international level.

He said that across the board action should be taken against those who plundered national exchequer and PTI would demand Courts to take sue motto of it.

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