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“tsunami“would never stop till eradication of corruption:Abdul Aleem Khan

Lahore: Central Leader of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf Abdul Aleem Khan has said that “tsunami“would never stop till eradication of corruption and injustice from the society. He said that now change in the country is inevitable and no effort would succeed to maintain status quo.He said that those who are distributing lap tops from the public funds cannot misguide the youth because majority of the students would always vote for Imran Khan who is true leader of the nation.
While addressing the PTI Gulberg Town’s special meeting, Abdul Aleem Khan said that PTI is the only political party who decided to hold party elections and accorded the right to the workers to elect their leaders.He said that intra party elections would be an opportunity to choose clean and able leadership within PTI. He expressed hope that in the coming elections Imran Khan would get thumping success and put the country on the road of progress and prosperity.
In the meeting of PTI Gulberg Town Farrakh Javed Moon, Sheikh Aamer, Tariq Khurshid, Tariq Rasheed, Abu Bakar Karim, Shah Rukh, Ejaz Ahmed, Afnan Ahmed Malik, Mian Jameel, Fahad Ali Malik, Mohammad Azam, Sajed Bhatti, Babar Ali, Azam Bhatti, Jameel Chaudhary, Akram Jopzeph, Maliha Husain and Apa Naseem and other ladies attended and gave their suggestions for the mass contact campaign and intra party elections of PTI.

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