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If we win we will improve the economic conditions:Nawaz Sharif

Lahore: The 5th meeting of the Manifesto Committee of Pakistan Muslim League-N was held under the chairmanship of President PML-N, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.The committees on inter-provincial contacts, accountability and provision of prompt and inexpensive justice headed by Chairman Manifesto Committee Sartaj Aziz presented their reports while the participants expressed their views in detail on their proposals.

Addressing the participants, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said that they are not only the best brains of PML-N but most of them hold important positions at national and international levels in different sectors. He said ‘due to your efforts and hard work, we have succeeded in preparing such a document the implementation of which by a transparent, honest and competent government would put the country on the road to rapid progress and development’. Nawaz Sharif further said that the expression of the desire of the people of Pakistan for supremacy of law and availability of justice can be well-judged from their unprecedented participation and struggle in the movement for the restoration of judges. He said that after the glorious success of this movement, it is now essential that justice should become available to every citizen of the country without any discrimination so that the oppressed people could get their due right in the shortest possible time and the cruel ones could not hamper the course of justice on the basis of their wealth and influence.

Nawaz Sharif further said that as a national party, PML-N has played a vigorous role in the granting of legitimate rights to the provinces in the light of unanimous constitution of 1973 and after the approval of 18th amendment PML will continue to play its due role for its implementation and devolution of powers for meeting the demands of justice. He further said that peaceful and prosperous provinces are essential for transforming Pakistan into a dignified, independent and developed country.Nawaz Sharif further said to the members of the manifesto committee that implementation of the strategy they have proposed in the manifesto in the light of their knowledge and experience could ensure a prominent place to the country in the world.

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