Thursday , June 21 2018
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Raja Riaz critics on MBP is not understandable:Pervaiz Malik

Lahore: .

Commenting upon the statement of Raja Riaz, Pervaiz Malik said that Bus Rapid project will be completed at a cost of Rs. 30 billion whereas the similar project of Ch. Pervaiz Elahi would have cost Rs. 230 billion. He said that the criticism by the looters have no importance as they have been rejected by the masses in bye-elections.

Pervaiz Malik said that bus rapid project will result in providing modern travelling acilitating to the masses and it will proof to be the most splendid project in the transport history of the country. He said that the glorious victory of PML-N in bye elections has proved that people are satisfied with the unprecedented development and welfare-oriented projects of Punjab government and have complete confidence in PML-N.

He said that PPP has given nothing except lawlessness, price-hike and corruption to the people and it can foresee its imminent defeat in forthcoming general elections. He said that instead of leveling baseless allegations against Punjab government, Raja Riaz should stop his leaders from loot and malpractices.

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