Wednesday , September 19 2018
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Bye-elections have swept away the so-called tsunami:Rana Sanaullah

Lahore: has said that while the alliance of dacoits and looters could also not save itself. He said that the defeat of Tehreek-Insaf supported candidate is a lesson for Imran Khan who is under a misunderstanding. He said dacoits and looters should remember well that they will face a crushing defeat in the general elections as well.

In a statement, Rana Sanaullah said that dacoits and looters faced a shameful defeat in the bye-elections and they have not been able to win even from Gujrat. He said that by rejecting Ch. Brothers & Sons who set records of corruption in Punjab during their tenure, people have proved that elections cannot be won on the basis of loot and plunder. He said that Imran Khan is trying to save his image but people will teach a lesson to “tsunami” in the general elections which he will never forget.

He said that those who were raising claims of the victory are hiding their face after the shameful defeat of PTI supported candidate and alliance of Q-League and PPP. He said that due to dictatorial attitude of Imran Khan, his companions are also leaving him and it seems that he will have to put an ad in the newspapers for candidates in the general elections.

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