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Pakistan needs only good governance to resolve the issues: Imran Khan

Lahore: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan, in his meeting held today with the party members in Lahore, announced that the successful first phase of party election was a new chapter in the country’s history. “These are the first-ever intra-party elections to be held in the entire subcontinent, smashing the negative traditions of nominating the party office-bearers by the dictatorial party heads,” he said. He further added that, “It is for the first time that the voters can exercise their right to vote through modern gadgets and information technology – paving the way for a new, transparent system of voting where the voters are able to choose their leadership without any fear or favor.

” “The intra-party elections of the PTI will uproot the prevailing rotten political culture and introduce real democracy in Pakistan. History is in the making. It will not only be the foundation of real democracy in the country but also uproot the rotten political culture in the country of holding fake and dummy party elections, life-time chairpersonships and family dynasties,” said the Chairman.

Imran Khan also said PTI polls would provide the country a new and thriving political tradition which had been overlooked by leaders of the so-called major political parties, who lived in fear and hatched conspiracies against their members, workers and voters every day. “These parties have been in power several times every time with the false promises of creating a new Pakistan but despite of the numerous chances they have had of being in power if they had the will to achieve it they would have,” he added further.

He said that the country could not be developed as it was being run. This is a party of the people of the country. “We will award tickets to those persons only who are elected by party members on merit by the Parliamentary Board with substantial input from the district party organizations. All PTI members will have to comply with the rules of party and go along with us to create new Pakistan, he said. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said PTI tsunami will create new Pakistan, bring new local bodies system and purge the country of looters and swindlers. Mr Imran Khan said that he was confident that the dream of a new Pakistan would be realized in the next few months and that his party was all geared to face the challenges and save the country. He said there was no shortage of resources in Pakistan, but only good governance and merit was required.

“We have not attained this success easily. The holding of elections reflects the commitment of the party leadership with true democratic traditions and the will to hold on to the party’s ideology against all odds,” the PTI chairman added.

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