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KEMU to spend 1.5 million on musical night

Lahore: King Edward Medical University needs 15 lac rupees for their galaa dinner and musical night to be held at their 32 annual scientific
symposium to be held on 19 to 22 December 2012 , as the Govt of Punjab
had directed last year that funds from public exchequer may not be
wasted on lavish dinners the university admn has decided to collect
the whole amount from the House officers and Post graduate trainees
and other staff and are forcing the 350 PG’s
and 300 HO’s Of attached hospitals to pay 800 rs and 500 rs for the
same .
however they have been told that they will not be allowed to
attend the annual dinner on the symposium .YDA has appeald Chief Minister Punjab to take notice of his wastage of money.

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