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Afraid Punjab Govt. resorted to worst rigging through police:Agha

Lahore: Pakistan Muslim League Central Information Secretary Senator Kamil Ali Agha has said that afraid of sure defeat in the bye-elections, Punjab Govt. used all govt. machinery and resources and the Code of Ethics of the Election Commission of Pakistan was shattered into pieces in an unprecedented manner, provincial govt. had made victory and defeat in the bye-elections matter of life and death and N-League workers on the polling stations with the help of police forcibly snatched ballot papers from the hands of voters and themselves stamped these.

Talking to media during visit to different polling stations in the bye-election to NA-107 Gujrat today, Senator Kamil Ali Agha said that N-League resorted to worst rigging with the help of administration and police; we expected this from N-League govt. because it is the tradition of N-League to indulge in rigging in the elections.
He said that turn out of voters in bye-elections is usually low whereas Punjab Govt. with the help of administration and police forcibly stopped Pakistan Muslim League voters from casting their votes and in particular they put stamps on the ballot papers after snatching these from women.

Continuing, he said that N-League workers had virtually occupied all polling stations and at some polling stations our workers were subjected to ruthless violence and even cameras and mobiles were snatched from some TV channels cameramen. He said the free media covered the rigging by the N-League workers and passed it on minute to minute to the people and we would also write letter to the Election Commission regarding rigging by N-League.

Senator Kamil Ali Agha further said that N-League rulers’ habits cannot be set right because even after spending ten on the sacred soil of Saudi Arabia, they have not become wise then how they can be righted now? He said negative role of N-League in the bye-elections will have impact on the next general elections.

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