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Country’s affairs are being run by dacoits:Imran Khan

Attock: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Monday said that democracy had been turned into “Kleptocracy” and the country’s affairs were being run by thieves. As a result, the people at large were suffering with the prices of general commodities increased three times due to which the middle classes had been literally “eliminated” from the social fabric of the country.

“The so-called democracy has turned into a quagmire for the people of Pakistan. This is not democracy and rather it is Kleptocracy as dacoits are running the affairs of the country. The (foreign) debt has increased from Rs 6000 billion to Rs 14000 billion in mere five recent years and the middle classes have been removed due to the skyrocketing prices,” said Imran Khan while addressing a packed gathering here at the Attock Bar Association hall.
The PTI chief said that corruption was rampant in the country and there was an “alliance of a few” between the ruling parties while the provincial rulers were also now eyeing the federal government claiming it as their turn.

He said due to the chaos and violence in the country, the foreign investment had been blocked into Pakistan. He said that the lawyers and PTI were striving for the cause of independence of judiciary. He said that the introduction of true democratic norms in the country was a must as true democracy was the only answer to the woes faced by Pakistani people.

“I think this is about time that our peoples should decide which sort of government they want. They would have to decide between thieves and the saviors. They would have to decide what sort of government they want for their future generations,” he remarked.

Imran Khan said that there was a dire need for the people to elect revolutionist politicians who are patriotic and pro-public. He said that the government’s performance was pathetic and the country needed committed people with ability to get the country back on track of development.

He said his party (PTI) had committed leadership which had ability and commitment for the country. He said keeping in view the country’s economic meltdown, the federal cabinet should be lean and mean and its size should not cross 17 ministers.

He said the incumbent system was not meant for democracy and rather it aimed at minting more and more money for personal interests. He said that it was time for the politicians not go for their petty interests and rather stand for the cause of the country.

“Each and every MPA is being doled out Rs 70 million in the name of development funds. Pakistan did never saw a chaos as the situation has been during the past five years,” he said. Imran Khan added that Rangers and Army deployment were no solution to Karachi violence.

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