Thursday , April 26 2018
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PML-Q demands only fair and free elections: Mushahid Hussain

Karachi: Secretary General PML-Q Mushahid Hussain Syed conducted a press conference with the Advisor/Minster for Relief and the General Secretary of PML Sindh Haleem Adil Sheikh here on sunday noon. Mushahid Hussain said “Our Politics is Issue based and we believe in delivering the best out of our leadership and best available resources. He believed “Elections bring surprises and unpredictable for the peoples. Peoples need finest governance and those political parties which deliver”. “Haleem Adil Sheikh as Minister for Relief has proven to be most competent, most active and people’s friendly minister”. He felt glad to express and said “Even opposition politician have also praised allot on his hard working for the people of Sindh whenever they needed him during calamities”. Mr. Mushahid Hussain felt proud of his services to the people of Pakistan. Mushahid Hussain Said “We have now started political field activities all over Pakistan and still our conventions are being held in Punjab and today it is being commenced at KPK and Balochistan, by 15th December we are starting workers convention in Sindh starting right from northern areas”. Talking about the journalists he said “Journalist which are dying in the line of duty, has to be insured with social covers and given as similar support to their families as given to the para-military, police and Army”. He stressed “Its irony of fate that the cameras are insured but man behind the camera is not ensured either male or female”. During a visit the Karachi Union of Journalists Office he listened the issues of KUJ and representatives have been met, he said “I would present the working files of welfare fund to the president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari to pursue the issue along with Ch. Shujat Hussain”. Mushahid Hussain Said “We are going for an election and this would prove to be tough time for the politicians. Our political elites are matured now and further we have selected a chief election commissioner with the consensus of all political parties of Pakistan”. Talking about the current issue of Karachi Mushahid Hussain said “It is purely a political issue and this can only be solved with bilateral talks among the political parties, and we can’t blame on international forces to do this within the jurisdictions as all stakeholders are in here”. He added “If the issues continue in Karachi these would affect economy, political standing, inter provincial harmony and democratic setup”.Talking about the scenario after the election and success of Mr. Barrack Hussain Obama as the President of America Mushahid Hussain Syed said “After the election in America the regional condition has improved, Americans now understood and believed not to instruct the operations in northern Pakistan. We had taken stand on Salala incident, and we stopped their supplies for 7 months. And they are not going to bypass decisions”, he also added that Pakistan has central role in the region. Talking about elections in neighbor countries Mushahid Hussain Said “Elections are now a regional concern. Even in India, Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan are going to elect their new members for the parliaments”. Talking about the poor political stand in India he said “India’s political force is weak due to scandals and crises”. “Not a single party or department can bring change, we were first to talk about national reconciliation and freed the political person and now Pakistan is a changed Pakistan”. He added “Once there was Military, Security Establishment or Political Establishment and now there are multiple power sectors”. “Now we have more free, bold media and free judiciary along with gallant civil society” he expressed.

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