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Pakistan to get free ERP system from Sweden

Islamabad: A three-day workshop aimed at helping fresh graduates launch their own businesses after getting training in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) concluded here today.

The workshop conducted by three international experts was organised by Education Programme of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in collaboration with the National Training Bureau (NTB), a division of Ministry of Professional and Technical Training.

The training was attended by instructors from seven different Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) institutions, along with representatives of NGOs, universities and social enterprises.

The participants were informed about the importance of ERP in effective planning, control and monitoring of workflow practices in manufacturing and service enterprises.

Experts demonstrated the Monitor ERP System of Sweden which is a globally recognized tool for planning effective enterprise production activities, currently adopted by over 2100 companies in 20 countries.

Participants were also provided training material and practical examples on the basic functions of a modern ERP system, along with free copies of the ERP software to utilize for training purposes at their respective educational institutes.Also, they were encouraged to run the ERP software on sample business cases to enable their better grasp its functionalities.

Speaking at the event, the founder and Chairman of Monitor ERP System Mr. Ake Persson said that he will do his best to serve people of Pakistan.“I am impressed with the talent of Pakistanis, I want to ensure a prosperous future for brilliant youth of Pakistan,” he said

Persson said that he will provide Monitor ERP System to educational institutions for free so that better educated Pakistani graduates could have effective control of their entire business after stepping into entrepreneurship.

At the occasion, Director NTB Mr. Tariq Mahmood said that such workshops will help produce graduates equipped with the latest technical skills and a sound understanding of planning tools to launch their own businesses successfully.

He lauded UNIDO’s Education Program for development of skills, standards and curricula for the technical and educational sector along with improving teaching, learning methodologies and upgrading physical infrastructure.

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