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Imran to lead the nation after next elections:PTI

Lahore: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf’s Punjab Unity Convention has become a merger of new and old workers & leaders of PTI where a mammoth gathering was addressed by the Central Leaders Ahsan Rasheed, Abdul Aleem Khan, Mian Mohammad Azhar and Sardar Asif Ahmed Ali who said that the tsunami of Imran Khan would never stop until bring a meaningful and countrywide change in the coming general elections. They challenged Asif Ali Zardari and Sharif Brothers not to make any hurdle on the way of this change which has been decided by the masses.

The speakers said PTI has united practically and now there is no old or new and every one is the solider of Imran Khan to build a new Pakistan. They said that intra party elections of PTI would be a big change and it would be the first political party in South Asia to hold party elections which would end the kinship and nominations like other political parties. They were of the view that including Lahore, PTI would sweep elections all over the country and end the traditional politics of last 65 years which could not fulfill the desires of the masses.

Sardar Asif Ahmed Ali said that in the present scenario Imran Khan is the only hope to bring change and he has withdrawn from his NA seat in large national interest. Ex-Senator Tariq Chaudhary said that youth and ladies would be on the fore-front of PTI to make a new prosperous Pakistan. Barrister Mansoor Sarwar said that old and new workers and leaders of PTI are now at one platform due to the efforts of Ahsan Rasheed and Abdul Aleem Khan. Nosheen Haamed Meraj represented the women wing and said that PTI has a great support of ladies in the Party.

Most of the speakers hailed the efforts of Ahsan Rasheed and Abdul Aleem Khan to unite the party at one platform and said that now more affective efforts could be made to work for PTI. Speakers said that those who joined PTI should be appreciated as they left their old friendship and party for the sake of national interest and to bring a change better for the masses of Pakistan.

PTI workers and leaders from all over the Punjab attended this Unity Convention in which ex-Governor, Federal & Provincial Ministers and Members of Parliament were present while a number of new leaders also joined PTI on this occasion. ISF, Youth Wing, Labour, Minority, Culture & Teachers Wing from all 36 districts attended.

This Convention was a big demonstration of unity by PTI where all the leaders join hands at the stage while at the reception Ahsan Rasheed and Abdul Aleem Khan themselves welcomed all the participants.

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