Friday , June 22 2018
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Altaf Hussain lashes on Judiciary

Lahore: Mutihidha Quami Movement’s Leader Altaf Hussain has demanded judiciary to appologize to the people of Karachi for mocking them,He was tele phonically addressing in more than 39 cities of the country.

Altaf Hussain said Pakistan should be remained a democratic country and the judges refrain from imposing judicial Marshal Law.Let people decide whom they want to vote and elect.Judges should not try to snatch the mandate from any party.
He said census should be in the Pakistan rather only in Karachi,This order is not only illegal but also against the constitution.
He challenged the Parties to compete with them in a political and democratic process rather to victimize them by state power.He demended the judges to eat their biased statements and say sorry to the people of Karachi.

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