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Rulers have to kick out for redressal of public issues:Hamza Shahbaz

Lahore: Central leader of Pakistan Muslim League-N, Hamza Shahbaz Sharif MNA has said that development of Pakistan and loot and dacoity of Zardari cannot go side by side. He said that Asif Zardari will have to be held accountable for transferring billions of dollars of the people into Swiss Accounts. He said that in order to eliminate load-shedding, unemployment, corruption and price-hike in Pakistan, the cruel rulers sitting in Islamabad will have to be kicked out.

He expressed these views while addressing a big public meeting held in connection with by-elections in Chichawatni today. Hamza Shahbaz said that Balochistan, Karachi, Wana and Waziristan are burning but rulers are playing the tune of peace. He said that hundreds of Pakistanis are losing their lives in drone attacks and target killing every day but the insensitive rulers instead of solving these problems, are serving a foreign under secretary. He said that Pakistani youth after getting education, are wondering for jobs but the rulers pay no heed to them as they are engaged in looting the national exchequer.
Hamza Shahbaz said that the problems of the people of Pakistan cannot end till having honest, patriot and fearless leadership. He said that Nawaz Sharif is the only politician of the country who not only strengthened the national economy by constructing motorway but also made the defense of the country impregnable by conducting six nuclear explosions in Chaghi in response to Indian nuclear tests, by setting aside all kind of pressure. He said that the aim of leaders of PML-N is not to achieve power but they have made public service their mission to earn blessings of Almighty Allah in the world here after. He said that Nawaz Sharif is the only ray of hope for the Pakistanis and they are confident that after coming into power again, Nawaz Sharif will put the country on the road to progress once again and rid the country of load-shedding, unemployment, lawlessness, corruption and price-hike.

Speaking about by-elections of Chichawatni, Hamza Shahbaz Sharif said an independent candidate is trying to hoodwink the people by saying that after his victory, he will join PML-N but we want to tell the masses that the doors of Muslim League N have been shut for ever for the opportunists. He said that candidate of Muslim League N, Ch. Zahid Iqbal is an honest, people-friendly and an able person who is fully capable to resolve people’s problems. He said that PML-N is the party of loyal, patriot and honest people and there is no room for the political adventurists in it. Hamza Shahbaz Sharif expressed the determination that after success in by-election as well as general elections, the whole area including Chichawatni will be made a haven of development and prosperity. PML-N leaders Arshad Lodhi, Pir Walayat Shah Khagha, Imran Shah Wali and Ch. Zahid Iqbal as well as local leadership were also present on the occasion.

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