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Medical Teachers show their concern over transfers on a large scale

Lahore: An emergency meeting of Medical Teachers Association was held at Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore to express the grave concern of Medical Teachers over the recent en-masse transfers of large number of medical teachers from well established tertiary care Centres in Lahore like Jinnah Hospital, Mayo Hospital and Ganga Ram Hospital for flung newly established medical colleges.

These poorly planned transfers activities can end up learning a large number of junior doctor trainee’s training in jeopardize. Also it is worth mentioning that these medical colleges and Tertiary Care Centres are already short staffed and risk a chance of being derecognized by PMDC. In an attempt to get the infantile medical colleges in remote areas up and running Government may end up crippling the existing teaching power of well established medical institutions in Punjab.

Medical Teachers Association has formulated concrete proposals to staff the newly build Government Medical Colleges without disturbing the largest public interest at well established medical institutions

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