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Low gas pressure despite CNG strike unjustified

Islamabad:The Islamabad Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IWCCI) President Farida Rashid on Saturday said that low gas pressure despite CNG strike is unacceptable.

Expressing concern over low gas pressure for domestic and industrial consumers she said that daily life and businesses have been badly affected due to inconsistent gas pressure.

Talking to women entrepreneurs, she said that gas distribution companies should clarify as to why masses are being punished in winter, she said.

Farida Rashid said that thousands of businesses are suffering due to mismanagement of the authorities while homemakers are unable to cook food, provide breakfast or even tea to school-going children.

On the other hand, the costly alternative of LPG is not affordable for majority. She asked the government to check LPG mafia which is in habit of extracting more from masses as the demand increase in winter.

Farida Rashid asked the SNGPL and SSGC management to clarify as to why gas pressure is below the acceptable limits when CNG sector is not consuming the gas.

She said that government has been punishing masses in biting weather while claiming that domestic sector in on top of their priority list.

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