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Pakistan Cricket Board is starting its first Dope testing

Lahore: Pakistan Cricket Board is starting its first Dope testing in the Domestic competitions by introducing “In-competition “testing during the forthcoming Faysal Bank National T-20 tournament.

Pakistan Cricket Board, in order to strive for drug free sports and to protect the basic framework of protection of Athletes’ basic right to participate in doping- free sport and thus promote health, fairness and equality for cricketers nationwide, has introduced this In-Competition in testing. The step is taken to bring the domestic cricket at par with other test playing countries.

Under the Supervision of Dr. Sohail Saleem, GM Sports medicine Department of Pakistan Cricket Board has not only prepared “Doping Code PCB” in accordance with the rules laid down by WADA but also a strategic plan for controlling, if any, doping in the country under their domain.

Accordingly, Pakistan Cricket Board during the last domestic cricket season educated approximately 500 First Class Cricketers on the subject of doping. Players were educated and made aware of rule and regulations related to Doping through lectures. They were also provided with an Urdu Guide, updated list of banned drugs and a CD for revision of doping education.

Cricketers from all the regional teams participating in the T-20 Championship will randomly be picked for Dope testing. These tests will be conducted by WADA accredited independent Doping Control officers throughout the competition.

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