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Kalabagh Dam is inevitable for cheaper energy:PTI

The Lahore High Court has issued a decision directing the construction of Kalabagh Dam. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has the highest respect for the honourable court and also believes that new reservoirs are necessary and indeed urgently needed to conserve water.
PTI also believes that given the shortage of electricity, hydroelectric power is the most cost effective means of generating electricity. However, it believes that the construction of Kalabagh Dam should only be undertaken after a broad national consensus. According to the party, if the people of all the provinces are not taken on board and their consent not obtained for new water reservoirs particulary Kalabagh Dam, it would lead to unhappiness and unrest. The nation at this juncture cannot afford that.
Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf believes that we are in a unique political situation today where most of the political parties are in power either in the centre or in the province.It was therefore incumbent upon their leaderships to evolve a national consensus on the need for new reservoirs and particularly Kalabagh Dam. The leadership of PPP, PML N and other parties working together in government have failed to do so. This is criminal neglect. While each one of them is enjoying the perks of office, they are shirking their responsibility to create a consensus on issues such as Kalabagh Dam.
If voted into power by the grace of God and will of the people, the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf would make it its highest priority to create a national consensus on the issue of new water reservoirs

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