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PML-N has closed its doors for political dissidents:Ch Nisar

LAHORE:The Leader of the Opposition, Ch. Nisar Ali Khan has said that who do not have steadfastness to hold their ground, do not have the right of representation of the people of Chichawatni and district Sahiwal. He said those who knock at every door, do not, belong anywhere.

Ch. Nisar Ali Khan said that the leadership of PML-N had itself invited the former MNA Zahid Iqbal to join the party, and he was prepared to join PML-N, four years ago, after giving his resignation. Ch. Nisar Ali Khan said that he is the only politician, who had the honesty of openly admitting his dual nationality, while he has now presented himself, before the people again by renouncing his foreign citizenship.

Ch.Nisar Ali Khan said that it is incumbent upon every dedicated worker and local leadership of PML-N to leave no stone unturned in ensure success of Zahid Iqbal, thereby laying the foundation of PML-N’s expected victory, Inshaallah, in the forthcoming generation elections.

Ch. Nisar Ali Khan said that, if Allah Almighty granted opportunity to PML-N in the forthcoming elections, then, Inshahallh, all neglect to which Chichawatni and district Sahiwal areas had been subjected, during the last 13 years, would effectively be redressed.
Ch. Nisar Ali Khan said that Chichawati is a second home for him, and hoped that the people of district Sahiwal would not only ensure the success of Zahid Iqbal, in the coming elections, but would also give a concrete message to the people of Pakistan that those, who change their political loyalties, with every change in wind and desperately move from place to place do not deserve to be representatives of their area.

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