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Shahbaz Sharif assures people for justice while listening complaints

Lahore: Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has said that police should spare no effort in providing help and succor to the oppressed as nothing is more noble deed than provision of justice and help to them. He said that police should take the criminals to task by making investigation on right direction. The Chief Minister said that demands of justice should be fulfilled during investigation of the cases. He said that societies are created due to provision of justice whereas injustice creates anarchy and chaos in the societies. He said that there should be no hurdle in the provision of justice. Shahbaz Sharif said that if the justice is upheld there will be peace in the society.

He was talking to the complainants belonging to various districts at Model Town, here today. The Chief Minister issued immediate orders to police officials for redressal of complaints of the people. MNA Pervaiz Malik, Advocate General Punjab, Secretaries Home, Prosecution, IG Police, DG Anti-Corruption and concerned police officials were also present on the occasion.

The Chief Minister said that those police officers and officials who conduct investigation on wrong directions are not performing their duties judiciously. He said that all out resources have been provided to the police, therefore, its performance should be in accordance with the expectations of the people. He warned that no negligence will be tolerated in helping the oppressed. Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif said that the police officers and officials showing outstanding performance are pride for us. The Chief Minister directed that the process of verification of evidences of serious crimes should be conducted immediately through forensic lab. He said that action should be taken against the accused as per law and no pressure should be accepted in this regard. He said that those police officials who involve a poor man in any case deserve no leniency and strict action should be taken against such police officials. He said that justice should seem to be done. Shahbaz Sharif directed the police officials to play their active role for eliminating crimes in their respective areas. The Chief Minister said that the complaints of the poor masses should be addressed in their areas so that they should not come to him for getting justice.

The Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif appreciated the excellent performance of police officials for maintaining law and order on Yaum-e-Aashur. While paying tributes to the exemplary performance of police officers and officials including IG Police and Secretary Home Punjab, the Chief Minister announced that police officers showing excellent performance for maintaining law and order on Yaum-e-Aashur will be encouraged. The Chief Minister also appreciated the role of the people, ulema, media and persons belonging to various walks of life and said that despite difficulties, everyone has played his due role upon which he extends heartiest congratulations to them. The Chief Minister issued orders for apprehending the police employees involved in 92 kg heroin case at Police Station Raiwind within seven days. He also directed to take strict action against the Inspector who involved a poor citizen in a false case of drugs at Lower Mall Police Station. The Chief Minister also appreciated the performance of SP City and DSP Shafiqabad to apprehend the accused involved in a case of kidnapping for ransom in Shafiqabad. He also announced cash prize and commendatory certificate for DSP Shafiqabad. The Chief Minister also announced cash prize and commendatory certificate for DSP on apprehending the accused involved in the murder of son of Shahnawaz Butt in Misri Shah. The Chief Minister directed the police to provide complete protection to the complainants in a murder case in Attock. The Chief Minister was told that two accused involved in the murder of two persons of Azra Bibi family in Kasur have been arrested. Complainant family appealed to the Chief Minister for providing financial assistance and treatment to their children, upon which the Chief Minister ordered provision of free treatment facilities and financial assistance to them. The complainants during the meeting thanked the Chief Minister for immediate redressing their complaints.

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