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Intra party election will strengthen the PTI:Aleem Khan

Lahore: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf held a joint meeting to devise strategy for intra party elections as well as the tour of Chairman PTI Imran Khan to Punjab. In this connection province wide convention has been called on Sunday Dec. 02, in Lahore while Imran Khan would start his tour from December 09, from South Punjab Saadiq Abad.
This was disclosed in a special meeting of PTI jointly held here under the Chairmanship of Ahsan Rasheed and Abdul Aleem Khan which was attended by Umer Cheema, Hamaad Azhar, Mian Haamed Meraj, Jamshaid Cheema, Shoaib Siddiqui, Mansha Sindhu, Dr. Zarqa, Ms. Talat Naqvi, Sardar Arif Rasheed, Abdul Rasheed Bhatti, Dr. Shahid Siddique, Nasrullah Moghal, Farrakh Javed Moon, Sheikh Aamer, Sardar Kamal Umer and Ameen Zaki and others.
Ahsan Rasheed told the meeting that there is no more new or old phenomena in PTI and everyone has to work to strengthen the hands of Imran Khan. He said that he himself is no more candidate for any seat and now all the affairs would be decided mutually in the meeting of Dec. 02 at Punjab level. He lauded such gatherings and suggested to hold weekly meetings to activate workers at grass root level. He told that Imran Khan would also hold 2 hours daily meeting with party workers during his tour which would be scheduled for Lahore in the last week of December. He said that the decision of holding party elections got overwhelming response and now PTI is he first political party in South Asia who held party elections and its credit goes to Imran Khan. He said that PPP and PML(N) may go for seat adjustment in the coming elections and PTI has to remain ready for that. He announced that he is no more candidate for any seat in the party elections.
Abdul Aleem Khan said that in different constituencies PTI office bearers would be elected jointly with mutual understanding. He said that intra party elections would strengthen PTI. He said that a comprehensive strategy would be evolved for the tour of Imran Khan to Lahore and maximum party workers would be given chance to meet their leader. He appreciated the participation of maximum leaders of PTI in this meeting.
Other speakers gave a number of proposals to activate the party at union council level and said that keeping in view other parties history PTI should prepare itself for all type of situation. They said that maximum corner meetings should be held and committees should be designed to assign responsibilities, accordingly. They thanked the efforts of Abdul Aleem Khan to unite the party at one platform. Farrakh Javed Moon and Sheikh Aamer hosted a luncheon to the participants.

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