Saturday , February 22 2020
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Ch. Abdul Ghafoor says Sharjeel Memon has lost his senses

Lahore: Provincial Minister for Planning & Development,has said that Sharjeel Memon has lost his senses and his baseless allegations against PML-N leadership are a proof of mental bankruptcy of PPP leadership.

Commenting on the statement of Sharjeel Memon, Ch. Abdul Ghafoor said that due to record corruption of PPP during the last four and a half years, it has lost its public support and that is why its leadership is issuing ridiculous statements. He said that PML-N, due to its policies, is equally popular in Sindh and other provinces of the country while PPP has also lost its Sindh card due to which PPP leadership is perturbed. He asked Sharjeel Memon to stop giving sermons to PML-N leadership and instead check the loot and plunder of his leadership. He said that Sharjeel Memon and PPP will see the low level of their public support in the general elections.

Ch. Abdul Ghafoor said that Sharjeel Memon should be careful while talking about Sharif Brothers. He said that the record of PPP leadership including Zardari is before the people and the people of Pakistan fully recognize their faces. He said that PPP can foresee its defeat in the forthcoming general elections and that is why it is fanning provincialism for using Sindh card but the conscious people of the country will not allow such attempts to succeed.

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