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Rise in the spirit of the martyrs of Karbala: Imran Khan

Lahore: Imam Husain is the symbol of Haq, truth, a standard bearer against tyranny, a citadel of courage against zulm, the epitome of self sacrifice for a cause, a reformer, a person who laid down his own life for preserving the true spirit of Islam. It is to him we can attribute saving the true values of Islam and we offer our salutation to the grandson of the Prophet who was the savior of Islam and who through his sacrifice ensured that never again would the values of Islam can be forgotten.

His refusal to accept the bayt of Yazid at the cost of his life saved Islam. His stand against the despotic ruler of that time who while paying lip service to Islam, was destroying it. Yazid of that day lived a life of pelf and governed the Islamic empire in complete disregard of the teachings of the Quran and the holy prophet. It was Imam Husain’s courageous stand and that of his family which exposed the despotic ruler.

It was his stand which awoke that Muslim ummah and gave them the courage to stand up for what they believed in.

We as nation today are at a crossroad where again the very values which our religion teaches us , honesty, integrity, tolerance for all, welfare of the down trodden and poor have been challenged. It is our belief that teachings of Islam should be practiced and lived in our everyday life.

The tragedy of Karbala enlightened the Muslims and taught us how a handful of people with their determination and commitment to truth changed the course of History. It’s time for all of us to draw inspiration from the martyrs of Karbala and the captive of Kerbala to stand up for the values which Islam has given us. It is for the Muslim Ummah in general and Pakistan in particular to stand up against those who have destroyed the society through corruption, mis-governance, exploitation, misleading the people through lies and looting the national coffer for self aggrandizement.

Today in our country we are bereft of tolerance, where we do not value human life, followers of a religion which stands for peace and humanity, equality, knowledge, truth is today looked upon the international community as a pariah nation with very low social commitment.

Imran Khan urges the nation; not to tolerate this situation anymore and urges the whole Pakistani nation to rise in the spirit of the martyrs of Karbala and change the course of this nation through the forthcoming elections and expose all those who have brought upon to this nation the current status. To go out and choose those who believe in true change and upholding the values for which Imam Husain sacrificed his life. The true success of nation lies in the prosperity, wellbeing of its people and creating a society where there is peace and love amongst the populace.

The nation must learn from Imam Husain and his followers and each of one us should stand up and be counted for what we stand for not bow our head to the forces which practice the values of Yazidiat.

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