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PTI will start speaking truth about PML-N when they stop lying about us: Javed Hashmi

Islamabad: President Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Javed Hashmi while addressing a press conference in Islamabad denied the accusation of taking money from ISI any acquaintanceship with ISI officials. He specified that nothing was proven against him during both Benazir and Nawaz Sharif’s regimes and that Naseer ullah Babar should apologize. “PML-N should stop with the false accusations. I am available for trial to anyone including media.” He demanded that Nawaz Sharif should also clear his stance on the Asghar Khan case as General Asad Durrani’s affidavit includes Nawaz Sharif’s name in the 30 names he submitted in the SC.

He also said that he reserves the right to file a defamation suit against PML -N. “After leaving PML-N, Shahbaz Sharif is trying to harass me but I am not afraid, I will fight.” He stated that the President has admitted that PPP and PML-N will never conduct each other’s accountability. He also revealed that Nawaz Sharif never donated a single rupee for the party. “I thank Imran khan for freeing me from political enslavement.”

While presenting the record and evidence in the Central Secretariat he said that he has a personal business brawl with Advocate Yousaf Memon and that he has evidence of the transactions. He said that Yosaf Memon is a blackmailer and has sent him a court notice for returning his money with interest that he invested in their business, but that relating these transactions to ISI is unfair. He said that election took place on 24th October 1990 but the record presented was of 1991 which is totally baseless. “How could I have taken money after the election? All the rest got the money before the election. Nawaz Sharif should clarify this in front of media.” He said that during Musharaf’s regime he was trialed and tortured and 95% of PML-N leadership negotiated with Musharaf or left the country but he didn’t give up.

“I was released after five years of imprisonment due to lack of proof.” He accused Nawaz Sharif for trying to bribe him by offering a sugar mill.

Hashmi said that in his 50 years of political career he has earned a good name and reputation through honesty and sincerity with his country. He said every politician will have to clear his name and prove his innocence before the general elections including PML-N and all those who accused him of taking money from ISI.

Answering a question he said that Party Chairman, Prime Minister and opposition leader has enhanced their own powers through constitutional amendments. Answering another question he said that PPP and PML-N will never bring the accountability bill in the parliament as they both have an understanding to protect each other’s corruption.

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