Thursday , April 26 2018
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Peer Syed Anees Haider Joins PTI

Lahore: Jalal Pur Sharif district Pind Dadan Khan’s Gaddi Nasheen Peer Syed Anees Haider joned PTI yesterday in a meeting with Chairman Imran Khan here in Islamabad. His joining was warmly greeted and welcomed by the PTI workers.

PTI workers of Jalal Pur Sharif strongly contended that the PTI tsunami has reached Jalal Pur Sharif and this will be proved in the next elections when PTI will have landslide victory in Jalal Pur Sharif. The political parties who have so far been delivering governance to the masses have failed in their duty.

It is only the leadership of PTI Chairman Imran Khan that any hope for justice, humanity and self esteem exists for the people of Pakistan. When PTI comes to power it will bring peaceful transformation of Pakistan and ensure welfare for the common man. Syed Anwaar Hasnaat and Haider Shah along with their companions were also present at the occasion.

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