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JI delegation calls on Sudanese President

Lahore: A delegation of the Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, headed by the Ameer, JI, Syed Munawar Hasan, currently in Sudan, called on the Sudanese President Umar Hasan Al Bashir, on Friday and discussed with him matters related to the Muslim Ummah, according to reports reaching JI headquarters.

Talking to the JI delegation, the Sudanese President said that the US and Israel had joined hands to destroy the Muslims countries one after the other, and the Muslim states could foil the enemy designs by forging unity in their ranks.

The Sudanese President condemned the latest Israeli aggression against Gaza, and said the Palestinian’s only crime was that they were not ready to give up their rights. However, he said that the struggle and determination of the Palestinians had only intensified after every crisis. The Sudanese President said that a few weeks back, Israel had also attacked an arms factory in Khartoum. This was Israel’s fourth attack in Sudan but the Sudanese nation had decided to continue its policies regardless of the Zionist pressure.

Regarding Sudan- Pakistan relations, President Umar Al Bashir said that the brotherly ties between the two states had always been strong and the two had fully cooperated with each other at every international platform.He said that Pakistan had the distinction of being the only country that came into being on the basis of an ideology, therefore, Sudan’s relations with Pakistan were above the changes of the governments.

On the occasion, Syed Munawar Hasan dilated on the situation in Pakistan and the entire region. He said that the separation of South Sudan was part of the international plot to disintegrate all Muslim states. The US forces, he said, were continuing their conspiracies against Afghanistan and Pakistan. The US plans and its patronage to Israel were visible in the case of attack on Gaza and even in the separation of South Sudan.

The JI Ameer told the Sudanese head of State that the recent revolutions in different Arab countries had given a new life to the Muslim Ummah.He also urged Sudan and other Muslim states to raise their voice in support of the Kashmiri Muslims facing Indian oppression for the last six decades.

JI Secretary General, Liaqat Baloch and foreign wing chief of the party, Abdul Ghaffar Aziz, were also present at the meeting.

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