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Sharjeel Memon should feel ashamed of telling a lie: CH Ghafoor

Lahore: Provincial Minister for Planning & Development Ch. Abdul Ghafoor has said that Sharjeel Memon should feel ashamed of telling a lie about the situation of Punjab. He said that the incapable Sindh government has failed to restore peace in Karachi but instead of admitting its failures, PPP leaders are shunning the responsibility by making self-created comparison with other provinces. He said that it is lamentable and ridiculous that the concocted figures are being taken into account about Punjab province. He said that those who failed to control bhatha mafia, target killing, kidnapping for ransom and dacoities should peep into their conscience before leveling allegations against others.

Ch. Abdul Ghafoor said Sharjeel Memon should be aware of this fact that no one can even think of bhatha khori in Punjab as compared to Sindh. He advised Sharjeel Memon that if he cannot help the citizens being looted in big cities like Karachi in broad day light should, at least, avoid leveling baseless allegations against other provinces. He said that, in fact, Sharjeel Memon by fearing the concern being created among Sindh assembly members, has leveled baseless and concocted accusations against Punjab which are highly condemnable.

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