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PITB designs especially software for security

Lahore: In order to maintain the law and order situation in the province and to keep a vigilant eye on the movement of mourning processions during Muharram ul Harram, the Punjab government has decided to make use of the information technology for the first time in the history of the province and in this respect the Punjab Information Technology Board has devised a comprehensive security plan.

The Punjab Information Technology Board today gave a briefing on the especially designed software based on modern lines. It was briefed that in order to ensure the tranquil environment and law and order situation in the province, side by side the conventional security techniques, modern information technology would also be used in an all out way. In all the nine divisions of the province and especially the provincial metropolis, security cameras would be installed along the routes of the mourning processions which would be connected to a central control room through the internet. This way, the movements of all the mourning processions would be monitored in the central control room and the movements of the procession would be controlled if required at any particular movement.

Apart from the installation of security cameras, a modern security plan has also been devised making use of the world renowned ‘google’ facilitating the control room to track and monitor the position and presence of the mourning processions. Keeping in view the security threats, this state-of-the-art security plan would ensure that no impediment whatsoever may not take place in the way of the processions while the saboteurs may not achieve their nefarious designs. Through the security arrangements, it has been ensured that any terrorism or saboteur may be grappled with through timely identification of the same so that human lives and properties might e ensured. Apart from the use of information technology, the personnel of the secret and law enforcing agencies and sniffer dogs may prove helpful in protecting the mourning processions right from the beginning till end from the happening of any possible act of terrorism or sabotage.

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