Monday , May 28 2018
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DPO Sialkot suspends SHO Rang Pura

Sialkot: District Police Officer Afzaal Ahmad Kosar has suspended SHO Rangpura Ibrar Shah on the charges of taking bribe from a citizen.According to the complainant ,Ibrar Shah the SHO was demanding bribe to provide him legal assistance.

He tried his best to take justice without bribing the police but he failed.Than he made a plan and took the local journalists into confidence who made a movie clip when he was was giving money to the SHO .Dpo ordered to suspend the SHO when he was being informed about this episode.An inquiry has been initiated against the accused SHO who has rebutted the accusation and said some criminals have planted a fake case against only to continue their crimes in the area.

Suspended SHO Ibrar Shah belongs to Lahore and is known for fake encounters and he had killed so many people in fake encounters.he has been posted in Sialkot few monts before.

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