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Two condemned prisoners will be hanged tomorrow in Kotlakhpat jail

Lahore: Two inmates of will be hanged tomorrow in the morning at around 6:30AM. According to the spokesman of prison department, the inmates Malik Ashraf and Tahir Bashir were involved in murder cases and the courts had given them death penalty. President had also dismissed their mercy petitions.

It is said that there are more than 7,000 condemned prisoners in Pakistani jails, the majority were either innocent or victims of a faulty justice system. A renowned human right activist Ansar Burney has stated that there were condemned prisoners in jails awaiting their death who did not even know who they had been charged of killing.

Many had their appeals rejected for reasons out of their control and the Higher Courts of Pakistan had completely failed to provide them with Justice.

Burney said that in jails across Pakistan, there were condemned prisoners who had spent over a life sentence in death cells, there were those who had become crippled or mentally disabled due to the cruel and inhumane treatment in which they had been placed by the state and there were prisoners who had crossed the age of 100.
According to Ansar Burney Trust, there were also over 40 women and two children lodged in death cells in Pakistan and waiting to be hanged.

For that reason, Ansar Burney demanded of the government to halt all hangings in the country and immediately take steps to ensure the prevalence of justice.

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