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Worst corruption is rampant in Iqbal’s Pakistan:CM Punjab

Lahore: Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has said that today’s Pakistan is not of Allama Iqbal as on the one hand we are a nuclear power while on the other hand we have a begging bowl in our hand and are looking for pennies. He said that loot and plunder is rampant and all records of corruption have been broken. He said that Pakistan has been looted mercilessly and as long as Zar Baba Forty Thieves are not made to leave, the aim of national progress and prosperity cannot be achieved. He said that inefficient federal rulers have not spared even friendly countries and the high-ups of interior ministry have flouted constitution and law in the Safe City Project. He made an appeal to the people to bring forward such an honest and committed leadership in the forthcoming general elections as could transform Pakistan in accordance with the ideals of Iqbal and Quaid and rid it of Zar Baba Forty Thieves so that Pakistan could join the ranks of developed countries like Turkey and China.

The Chief Minister was addressing a function arranged in connection with today. Chairman Nazria-e-Pakistan Trust Majid Nizami, Justice (R) Nasira Javed Iqbal, former federal minister Shaukat Tareen, Ijaz-ul-Haq, Pir Syed Muhammad Kabir Ali Shah Gillani, Samia Raheel Qazi, Qayyum Nizami, Assembly Members, intellectuals, workers of Tehrik-e-Pakistan, members of civil society and Pakistan Muslim League-N workers were also present on the occasion. The Chief Minister said that Allama Iqbal gave the idea of Pakistan but it is unfortunate that Pakistan is standing far behind developed countries of the world. He said that it will not be wrong to say that Iqbal’s Pakistan is lost. He said that the life of poor people has been made miserable through loot and corruption and even friendly countries like Turkey and China have been made target of corruption. He said that Turkey, China, Saudi Arabia and Iran are sincere and trusted friends of Pakistan and have helped it in every hour of need. He said that the hearts of Turk people beat in unison with their Pakistani brethren. He said that Turk engineers, doctors and nurses have set a noble example of love and brotherhood by celebrating both their Eids with the flood affectees of south Punjab.

He said that a trusted friend like China has not been spared in the Safe City Project and a sum of more than Rs.8 billion has been looted. He said that the decisions of the Supreme Court should be respected. He said that the way the hard-earned money of the people has been looted is highly shameful. He said that Iqbal has given the eternal message of hope, self-respect and love for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). He said that while the poor people are finding it hard to survive today, the elite enjoy all privileges. He said that while for the poor there is ignorance, sorrow, death, humiliation and deprivation there is higher education, happiness, life, respect and prosperity for the rich. He said that Iqbal’s Pakistan has been divided into two countries, one is of the rich and the other is of the poor. He said that the class conflict is at its height and there is injustice everywhere. He said that he feels that the time is not far off when a revolution will destroy this system of injustice. He said that during dengue and floods, he visited every area and region and the hatred he saw in the eyes of the deprived masses is usually the precursor of a revolution. He said that now the people want to get rid of Zar Baba and Daba Pirs and big mansions, palaces, bullet proof vehicles and ill-gotten wealth will be swept away in the revolution. He said that Iqbal has given the message of freedom, struggle and self-respect to the youth, cultivators, labourers, Muslim Ummah and the people but we have forgotten his principles and are therefore struck in the quagmire of hatred, dissension, terrorism, extremism, loot and corruption. He said that it is not our destiny nor was the idea behind the creation of Pakistan.

He said that we are not only ashamed before Iqbal but also before those martyrs who laid down their lives for the creation of Pakistan. He said that there is a need to spread the message of Iqbal and steer the people out of despondency, deprivation and darkness and put them on the road to light and prosperity. He said that an educational endowment fund has been set up in Punjab with a sum of Rs.10 billion with which 35 thousand students are continuing their studies. He said that it is the biggest educational scholarship programme in the history of the country. He said that not only laptops are being given to boy and girl students on merit but Daanish schools have also been established for poor students in south Punjab and other districts. He said that interest-free loans are being given to the skilled youth. He said that a network of roads and highways has been laid in the province and the wages of labourers have been increased substantially.

He said that IT labs have been set up in schools while by revolutionizing transport sector, air-conditioned buses have been plied for the common man. He said that it is the realization of the dream of Iqbal and Quaid about Pakistan. He said that he is committed to transform Pakistan in accordance with the ideals of Iqbal and Quaid and is ready to risk his life for this purpose. The function was also addressed by others.

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