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Everyone has committed mistakes in the past:Nawaz Sharif

Lahore: President Pakistan Muslim League-N Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that for the purpose of in order to progress and prosperity of Pakistan, strengthening of democracy, stability of institutions and welfare of the masses, it is highly essential that there is a complete harmony between all institutions and pillars of the state. He said this objective can only be achieved if supremacy of constitution and rule of law is ensured and the interest of Pakistan is kept uppermost.

In a statement, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said that everyone has committed mistakes in the past, including politicians, judges and generals. He said it is a highly welcome sign that these mistakes are being realized, interest in reforms is being expressed and predominance of constitution and law is being acknowledged. He said that Army, is the symbol of Pakistan’s solidarity and defense, and every patriotic Pakistani want to see Pakistan Army united and strong. He said that any action to create rift, division and bifurcation in the army is completely against the national interest. He said that judiciary is performing the sacred role of provision of justice in the light of constitution and law. He said that lawyers, people and media launched a historic struggle for the restoration of judiciary which was hit by a dictator, everyone rendered sacrifices. He said that interpretation of constitution is the ultimate prerogative of judiciary. He said that awarding punishment to any person regardless of his position, name or status is the constitutional responsibility of judiciary. He said that weakening judiciary is like turning the country into a jungle without constitution and law, whereas weakening army tantamount to weakening national defense. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said that army, under the leadership of its present head, has desisted from any kind of adventurism and in his fresh statement, he has also talked about following the rule of law and constitution. Similarly, he said, the new judiciary is giving historic decisions without any fear under the constitution and the law. He said that the central point of both the speeches by the Chief Justice and the Army Chief is to ensure predominance of constitution and law which is a matter of great satisfaction and symbolically reflect light and hope for a new emerging Pakistan. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif hoped that the media would play its role in bringing the two institutions together for strengthening of democratic process and safeguarding the interests of Pakistan, so that the democratic journey in Pakistan should continue, all decisions are taken by the people of Pakistan, while all institutions continue to discharge their duties by strictly remaining within the limits of constitution and law.

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