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MQM-H will continue to strive for construction of KBD?

Islamabad: Reiterating his stance over controversial Kalabagh dam (KBD), the chief of the Mohajir Qaumi Movement-Haqiqi Afaq Ahmed on Tuesday said that he will continue to strive for early construction of the dam without which Pakistan cannot become a stable country.

He said that KBD is imperative to resolve energy crises in Pakistan which has crippled economy and left millions jobless creating multiple problems for the society.

Afaq Ahmed asked the government to immediately allocate funds for the construction of the dam putting aside all political expediencies to trigger economic development.

Chairman of MQM-H said this while talking to President of the Punjab Forum, Mr. Baig Raj.He said that KBD is a national issue and all the patriotic forces should join hands for early construction of the project which is lifeline for the country. It is not a political issue but a matter of survival of the nation, he underscored.

Afaq Ahmed, known for his firm political beliefs, said that lingering issue of the KBD has potential to fuel conflicts therefore this matter of national importance should be resolved forthwith.
Those who are opposing the construction dam on the directives of some forces are doing so for their personal petty gains discounting national interests, he said.

Repeating his stance over Seraiki province, he said that the country was passing through a critical phase and there was need for solidarity among the people. Creation of more provinces on ethnic basis would destroy national unity, he said.

At the occasion Baig Raj said that rulers have been misinterpreting the constitution for personal agenda and efforts for Southern Punjab province was an example of it.
He lauded the sacrifices and principled stance of Chairman of Mohajir Qaumi Movement-Haqiqi Afaq Ahmed and asked the nationalists to reconsider their opposition to projects vital for country’s existence.

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