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PTI announced its Youth policy

Lahore:PTI announced its Youth policy at the Youth Convention held today, 4th November 2012 at the Expo Centre, Lahore. Mr. Imran Khan along with his team mostly comprising of people under the age of 35 presented the policy in front of 10,000 audience members.

The policy announced today focused on the message of Change by crushing the status quo forces through the energy of the Youth. The most revolutionary of all steps is empowering the youth, enabling them towards future leadership. PTI has committed to enable 25% of its representative to contest General Elections and hold positions of power and become future leaders and policy makers.

The policy aims at establishing an autonomous institution, National Youth Foundation, linked with the Ministry of Human Resource with a centralized database of youth which shall over see the Jawan Markaz, a community center that shall be set up in every town/Tehsil and Union Council level. It endeavors to bring about change through empowerment of youth, providing uniform education for all, whilst skill development through vocational programs will increase entrepreneurial skills as well as tackle unemployment. Improving social life and health, sports, arts, entrepreneurship and research development is also part of this diverse policy.

PTI announced that it shall increase the education budget from 1.8% to 5% along with increasing vocational training from 300,000 to 2 million. Scholarships, grants and student facilitation shall also be a priority under PTI’s youth policy, along with uplifting the social decadence creeping in the society through rehabilitation centers, especially to help recuperate those locked within conflict zones, with special attention to Baluchistan and Tribal areas.

Vice Chairman, Shah Mahmood Qureshi opened the Convention with his address to the enthusiastic and dynamic PTI Youth Force. Other speakers at the Convention included President, Javed Hashmi and Waleed Iqbal. Amna Sadaf, Arsalan Ghuman and members of the PTI youth task force presented the details of the policy to the audience members.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Imran Khan said “Our Youth Policy does not believe in one-off gimmicks – it endeavors to permanently empower the Youth of Pakistan,” said Imran Khan. He said that the youth has to rise and fight this war with him as it is them who have the ability and zeal to create a new Pakistan. “We don’t need politicians to bring about a Change we need our Youth Force to rise and crush the status quo,” said Mr Khan. He also stated that PTI is only political party to support the youth of Pakistan. Closing his speech Mr Imran Khan stated that along with the youth PTI will make all efforts to better the status of women in Pakistan. Chairman, Imran Khan further said that it is imperative to have three qualities to become leaders. First, they should overcome their fears , second they should not have any ego or self centeredness, third that a leader would never lie.

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