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Nawaz Sharif chapter has been closed: Ch Shujaat Hussain

Lahore: President Pakistan Muslim -Q Chaudry Shujaat Hussain has said that relation with Nawaz Sharif was amatter a the past and there would be no contact with him in future.Its an era of PML-Q and PPP that would go long lasting.This alliance will form govt in centre as well as in Punjab too.Dr Fardos Ashiq Awan would be joint candidate of PPP and PML-Q in general election. He was talking to media after attending PML-Q leader Ch Saleem Baryar’s daughter marriage ceremony along with Ch Monis Elahi ,Dr Fardos Ashiq Awan and others leaders in Sialkot.

Chuadry Shujaat Hussain said that PML-Q and PPP alliance has up-set the PML-N,joint candidates of both parties would end lawlessness in the city and PML-N rouges would be behind bars soon.

Mean while ,Dr Fardos Ashiq Awan said President Zardari takes advices from Ch Shujaat in every matter.Joint candidates of the alliance will defeat the N-League candidates not only in by-election but also in general elections too.

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