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Registrar High Court Sardar Ahmed Naeem contradicts Dr Asim

Lahore: Registrar High Court Sardar Ahmed Naeem has contradicted the statement of that the judiciary had granted stay order at the instance of mafia against the enforcement of a tax levied under the new Petroleum Policy of the Federal government and that of Federal Secretary Petroleum and Natural Resources today, before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan, that the stay order had been granted by the Lahore High Court, Lahore, and termed as misleading and contrary to the facts.

He said that the implication of statement about the pending litigation before the Lahore High Court is misleading. He said that on 20.09.2012 the Federal government sought to have the cases consolidated and placed on fast track hearing. That request was allowed and the matter had since been fixed on 27.09.2012, 09.10.2012 and 22.10.2012 when arguments by the Counsel for the Federal government and the CNG producers companies have been partly heard, he added. He said that the cases are next fixed for further arguments on 06.11.2012.

The matter will be decided on merits and the impression given that it is lying dormant at the instance of some vested interest is dispelled forcefully, he added. Best means to obtain speedy disposal is for the parties counsel to be well prepared with their submissions before the Court, the Registrar concluded.

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