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Postponement of Intra-Party Election in Islamabad

Islamabad:  In a press release issued in Islamabad today, the office of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has stated that, in view of a large number of complaints received by the Election Office regarding serious technical flaws in the electoral lists for the Intra-Party Election in Islamabad, a committee was constituted by the Chairman of the CEC to look into the matter on an urgent basis.

In a series of meetings held in the last two days, and in consultation with all stakeholders, the committee took stock of the nature and extent of objections to the electoral lists and found some of them to be sound and pertinent which needed to be looked into. It also felt that if the Party proceeded to hold the election in Islamabad on the basis of these electoral lists, their fairness and transparency would be rendered suspect.

The committee, therefore, decided to postpone the Intra-Party Election in Islamabad scheduled for November 2 by a few days pending rectification of flaws as pointed out in the complaints. The new date for election in Islamabad will be announced after the CEC meeting scheduled for November 5.

The statement further said that the undesirable decision has been taken to ensure that the Intra-Party Election is held in a fair, free and transparent manner and the sanctity of the election process is not questioned. The CEC fully endorses the Party leadership’s firm resolve to hold the election at the earliest possible and facilitate the evolution of a democratic culture within PTI and throughout the country.

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